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The Reefs

Updated: May 20, 2019

Why they are Important:

- contains the most diverse ecosystems in the entire world.

- protect our coast lines from detrimental wave action, and storms.

- provide habitat and shelter for thousands and thousands of marine species. Our reefs are "home" to so many of those amazing creatures that so many people adore so deeply.

- Are a huge source of nitrogen for many marine species.

- Help with nutrient recycling (i.e. water recycling and purification)

- they are so insanely beautiful (duh)

- The diversity of the species it contains help grow the biodiversity of our marine species which is so important because the biodiversity of the ocean helps limit the extinction of many species.

Why they are at Risk:

- Human destruction:

- Accidental damage: boat props bump them, unknowledgeable tourists touch them.

- Carless Damage: People take things from the reefs, and touch them. This kills them and ruins them. Also many types of sunscreen avert the sun from reaching them which is very harmful.

- Purposeful Damage: Big cooperations become greedy, fishing businesses take and take until there is nothing left and bigger companies want more.

- Caymanian Destruction: The possibility of the port. The Port is a project being run by our government, and other outside Cruise partners. The plan in place is to take out a huge section of our reef, and replace it with a massive cruise port. There has been limited studies on how this operation will effect our aquatic ecosystem. As a community it is our job to stand up and protect this amazing part of our island.

How you can save them:

- Sign the cruise port referendum.

- Share this information with everyone you know.

Local Issues (KY):

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