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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Importance: Seagrass is a home to hundreds of different species across the ocean. It provides protection from predation, nutrient rich food, and also helps protect the surrounding land from erosion. Although the benefits are clear, these crucial environments are constantly at risk due to development.

Local Issues:

- Barkers Beach - In the Cayman Islands our surrounding beach on the North Sound are covered by Seagrass. Not only does the Seagrass act as a safe place for many marine species, but it also holds our beaches in place, and because our island is pretty much at sea level having the sea grass as a natural barrier from any sort of storm is very important for the well being of our home. Recently in the Cayman Islands there have been a group of individuals who wish to develop the land by Barkers Beach which would mean tearing out acres of seagrass to simply be replaced with a "beach bar and grill". As a community we ask that you take a stand by raising awareness on the importance of Seagrass here on island, and in every community around the world.

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