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Protesting For Change

Protect Our Future's mission is to allow the voice of the youth to be heard. We believe that in order to achieve a prospering future, the youth's perspective must be taken into account. That being said, our traditional methods of using photography to get our message out were not doing the trick. Although we were gaining a fan base fast and people were spreading our pictures like wild fire, we were not seeing change occur. For these reasons, Protect Our Future decided to hit the streets!

On September 20th, 2019 Protect Our Future held its first peaceful protest. The event went amazing! We had a turnout of about 200, ranging from babies to the wise elderly of Cayman. This event will forever mark a turning point in our groups path, as well as the history of Cayman. By crowding the roads, the government and people of Cayman were forced to hear what we had to say in regards to the proposed Cruise Berthing Facility, plastic pollution, as well as over development!

After having such a success through our first protest, we had many people asking about the next one. This desire to do more was amazing!

So, on November 29th, 2019, Protect Our Future held its second protest. This protest was another success! We were able to have a huge youth turnout, from a variety of schools and ages, and had a lot of media coverage.

Through these protests we were able to impact the decisions of our government immensely. Our opinions were taken into consideration and as a result the government postponed the ruling for the port project! With this delay in decision making, we are able to do more and more to get the people of Cayman to make the right decision... vote no.

Check Out Some Pictures Of Both Events Below:

Here are some of the articles of our protests:

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