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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Organizations In the Cayman Islands Working Against Plastic:

Plastic Free Cayman is an NGO on island that looks to clean up our beaches. They hold beach clean ups once a month all around Grand Cayman. Volunteering at one of these is a great way to get involved in the community and to help limit the amount of plastic we have floating around our ocean, cluttering our beach, and killing our plant and animal population on island.

Above is a link to their Facebook page where you can find information about beach clean ups, and their other initiatives.

#greeninitiatives #plasticfreecayman

How to Avoid Plastics:

This is a pledge environmentalists all over Cayman are pushing to get out into the public.

The pledge is a way to limit, and eventually exclude single use plastic for individuals and restaurants.

This pledge is sponsored by Plastic Free Cayman, and has so many benefits weather it be, health, or educational... this pledge will help save our island.


Protect Our Future Events Against Plastic:

Cayman Brac Beach Cleanup:

As one of the sister islands to Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac sadly is effected the worst by the plastic crisis. Given the minimal population, oceanic currents, and wind directions, Cayman Brac's beaches are cluttered with plastic. As a result of this plastic crisis, Protect our Future and Plastic Free Cayman flew to Cayman Brac and hosted a three day beach cleanup. During this beach cleanup, we brought the community and youth of the island together and removed over 2 tons of plastic from their beaches!

Little Cayman Beach Cleanup:

Various Local Cleanup Events:

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