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Mangroves Protect Our Future

Updated: Apr 2, 2020


- Mangroves act as a natural barrier and a home to many different marine and terrestrial species all over the world.

- They purify our air and our water, and they protect our shore line from erosion and destruction. They are a crucial part of managing and healthy shore line in places all over the world.

- Mangrove act as a natural "barrier" against storms and hurricanes, reducing flooding and destruction.


- Many companies all over the world are constantly seeking to develop land on the shore line, and the prime destination is so often "ocean view", but unfortunately these companies act with little consideration for the environment around them.

- In Grand Cayman the penalty for destroying and removing mangrove ecosystems is very minimal, as a result developers will illegal remove these crucial environments and pay the small fines. This minimal penalty is the primary issue for mangrove loss in the Cayman Islands!

Help protect our mangroves and protect our future!

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