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Updated: May 22, 2019

The Dump In the Cayman Islands:

What we are experiencing

In Cayman we have a huge problem with our waste management system. We have an exposed landfill, that is growing bigger everyday, and is now the tallest land mark on our island. Due to our ignorance in consumption we as a society are the main problem.


Above is a link to the Cayman Compass's article on air pollution from out dump, which is worth a read. It explains how our DOE has not been monitoring the fumes that are released from the dump, and as the day is long our dump is not getting any smaller.

Please feel free to read, inform yourself, and develop your own opinion about our environmental state as a community

How to limit what you produce:

Ecobricks is a foundation with a goal of consolidation. They ask people when finished with a big plastic bottle to back if full of little pieces of plastic, like wrapping or scraps.

Here is a link to their web page -

Unfortunately on island we are yet to implement the Ecobrick into our infrastructure, but it still helps limit the loose plastic that floats around the dump, and ends up littering not only our island, but our oceans.


1. Plastic

Time of decomposition: 450-500 year decomposition (depends on the type)

Remember to: Clean our all plastics or else they will not recycle them.

2. Aluminum

Time of decomposition: 200-500 years of decomposition

Remember to: Clean our all aluminum or else they will not recycle them.

3. Paper

Time of decomposition: a month or more for decomposition (depends on the paper)

4. Glass

Time of decomposition: returns back to the earth if recycled correctly

Reminders: Everything when being recycled must be cleaned and sorted, or else it might contaminate everything else.

This may seem like a small simple action, but on a larger scale it makes a huge difference for the health of our planet.

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